Band Boosters - Monthly meetings are the second Monday of every month and are held in the Middle School Band Room at 6:30 p.m.  We hope that you will join us to help with ideas, feedback, organizing events, and supporting our music program.  There is no fee, no dues and no secret handshake – just an open invitation for you to participate and help out in the support of the programs whenever you can.


Volunteer Opportunities - There are many opportunities to volunteer.  We welcome any assistance that you can provide and look forward to working with you. 

Chaperones to ride the busses –You usually get in free to the event if you ride the bus with the students.

Concessions workers – Simple and Fun.  You will never be on your own, there will always be someone that is experienced and can show you what needs to be done.  The concession schedule is posted at www.plainwellbands.org

50/50 ticket sellers at the home Varsity Football games – Fun and easy.  You get into the game for free and assist with selling 50/50 tickets before the game starts and up to the 3rd quarter.

Uniforms caregivers – Assist with the distribution and organization of the uniforms before and after performances.

Walking in the parades – You will walk alongside the band as they march in local parades.   You will assist with water and snacks and be ready for whatever is needed.

Pit Crew at Marching band performances – Assist with moving equipment on and off the field at marching band performances.

Loading trailers and equipment – Help is needed to load equipment before and after performances.

Drivers of equipment trailers and trucks – You must have a valid driver’s license, let Mr. Mundo know if you are interested.

Concert performances – At every concert performance we try to have Spirit items available along with refreshments and ask for volunteers to assist with the booster table.

Organizing of meals and tailgates – we try to keep our students fed and hydrated for every performance.  Watch your e-mail and check the webpage so that you are “in the know” of what is being planned. 

Water and snack donations - Donations are always needed for the bands rigorous performance schedule.  Check the webpage often so that you can see what we are currently in need of.

Band camp - Band camp is an ambitious undertaking!  While many other schools charge much more to attend an out-of-town, overnight camp, we hold Band Camp locally in August each year to reduce costs to families.  In doing so, volunteers and donations are needed during this time.

Do I need private lessons?  Private instruction is important for learning the mechanics and techniques of playing your instrument – skills that are not generally covered during class.  However, private lessons are not required, and students who do not take lessons are not penalized in any way. You can find a list of qualified teachers on the band website.

Moving from middle school band to high school - The transition from middle school to high school is easier for band students because they will have over 100 friends to help through this process.  Incoming band freshmen have immediate contact with upperclassmen, in a big brother/big sister kind of way. High school band is very healthy for students in a multitude of ways.

Parking (High School) - Do Not Park along the curb when picking up your student on band competition and parade days.  It is very difficult to maneuver the busses, band trailers and equipment when there are vehicles parked along the curb area.   It is important to keep this area clear to maintain a safe environment for everyone.   Parking is available in the athletic parking lot that is located directly outside of the high school band room.

Fundraising - The Plainwell Band Boosters support the band program where the school can’t.   In 2015 we provided nearly $30,000 to the 6th-12th grade band program.  Therefore fundraising is a necessary function of our platform.  It is not necessary that you participate in all of the fundraisers that are offered.  If each family participated in at least two fundraisers then every band student would benefit from the collective efforts.

Band Sponsors - The money that is raised through our band sponsorship incentive is used to provide items and services that the school budget does not or cannot afford.  Our band sponsors receive yearlong recognition at all of our band performance.  If you know of a business, family or individual that would like to sponsor our program please pass this information onto them.  We will gladly provide them with a donation receipt that can be submitted for the next tax season.


Band family or alumni donation = any amount over $100 receives honorable mention recognition at all concerts.         

Silver level = $500 or less
Name of business will be announced at each competition.
Silver recognition at all concerts.

Gold level = $501 - $1500
Name of business will be announced at each competition.
Gold recognition at all concerts.
Recognition on the side of our band trailer (approx. 256 sq inches)

Platinum level = $1501 and above
Name of business will be announced at each competition.
Platinum recognition at all concerts.
Recognition on the side of our band trailer (approx. 400 sq inches)

Student Accounts - Every band student has a student account created for them when they start their band experience in the Plainwell Band Program.   Middle School and High School band students both have student accounts.  Students have the opportunity to add funds to their personal account by participating with offered fundraisers.

Throughout the school year the Band Boosters will offer several fundraiser opportunities to raise funds for both the general Band Booster budget along with the opportunity to add funds into your students account. After the fundraiser is completed and all funds are reconciled the Band Booster Treasurer will add the designated amount of profits earned into each students account.

Student accounts can be used for any band related expenses:  
Reeds, Supplies, Tutors, Lessons, Camp, Repairs, Spirit wear, Instruments, Disney (including spending money before the Disney trip).  More information about Student Accounts can be found on the Plainwell Bands web page.

The band program is very active – how do I stay informed?   
Communication will come from the band directors in class, e-mail notifications and via our band booster website www.plainwellbands.org .   If you would like to be added to our e-mail distribution list (the best way to stay connected)  you can do this by visiting the Plainwell Bands web page and completing the “Contact Us” form found under the “More” tab with the “About us” drop down field.  

What else do I need to know?  The Band website www.plainwellbands.org has lots more information. You can also contact the Band Directors or any Band Booster Board member.

Genni Plyley

Vice President Fundraising:       
Cheryl Baker                        

Vice President Planning:                                
Stacy Levine                                                                            

Amy Nelson                          

Lisa Mansheim                                    

Plainwell Band Boosters
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